With the click of a button, you can help prevent homelessness in New Hampshire.


Here are some ways that your gift can help immediately:

  • $1,000 provides a family with a security deposit and support services
  • $750 provides housing counseling to break the cycle of homelessness
  • $400 helps find a safe, affordable apartment
  • $250 provides in-home education to families about preventing their children from being poisoned by lead
  • $100 helps prevent a family's eviction
  • $50 purchases a photo ID for a homeless person

If you prefer to donate by check or cash, or to discuss other forms of support, please contact:

The Way Home at the "Contact Us" menu button, or call 603-627-3491 x204 or direct (603) 218-1424.


Thank you for your support!


Over $166K was provided for security deposit guarantees and home-loss preventions.